NSHES Training

Conference Style Workshops


NSHES provides training throughout the state of Texas. These workshops are based on a conference model. We provide 6-8 clock hours facilitated by the instructor and a work booklet that provides independent study hours as well (optional). 

Site-to-Site Workshops


This training type is designed for the convenience of your centers. The NSHES trainer will bring the learning to your  location. Structured in the same manner as the conference style workshops, this 20 clock hour style training is broken down with 10 instructor led hours and 10 independent study hours. To set up training for your team contact the NSHES today, as times are limited!   

NSHES Current Staff Trainings


  • Development and the Young Child 
  • Direct Direction: Simple Methods of Guidance and Discipline 
  • "Out of the Box" Activities for School Age Children 
  • The Green Room: Transforming your Classroom into a Natural Environment 
  • Advancing Children’s Physical and Intellectual Development 
  • Scientific Method: As a Way to Support Child Development


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